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JT extended interview on The Doorstep Mixtape

posted 17 Sep 2017, 03:15 by Jonathan Tarplee   [ updated 17 Sep 2017, 03:23 ]

In the 2nd hour, Jonathan discusses his about-to-be-released experimentally-made album 'Rafflesia Dreams' with presenter Tim Lee on The Doorstep Mixtape.

Band Interview on The Cat Radio

posted 15 Apr 2017, 12:10 by Jonathan Tarplee

Stevie P. Abbott from The Cat Radio ( chatted with JT and Em from the band immediately following their set at The Box, Crewe.

1st chat about next solo album, "Rafflesia Dreams"

posted 30 Oct 2016, 09:46 by Jonathan Tarplee   [ updated 30 Oct 2016, 10:04 ]

Jonathan appeared on Mark Sheeky's Arts Lab show on Redshift Radio to talk about the experimental solo album he's been working on.

JT on 'Easy Like Sunday Morning' with Paul Boniface

posted 27 Oct 2016, 06:34 by Jonathan Tarplee   [ updated 27 Oct 2016, 06:35 ]

JT and Paul chat in the 2nd hour about recent concerts and JT plays live in the studio. The chat includes different approaches to songwriting and the perils of performing in torrential rain!
"I've got literally heaps and heaps of lyrics... folders full... most of which never see the light of day".

JT guest on Steve Bebe's 'What's Happening' show.

posted 27 Oct 2016, 06:09 by Jonathan Tarplee

JT and Steve Chatted about the upcoming Food Festival and the Words and Music Festival in town during the 2nd hour of the show. 
Included in the interview is how Jonathan came up with writing a recent song, 'Toast the Night' and plays some songs, live in the studio.

JT interview with Kev Walker on The Cat Radio

posted 13 Mar 2016, 04:20 by Jonathan Tarplee   [ updated 13 Mar 2016, 04:25 ]

"... It was watching a concert on TV and him playing about three notes, but those three notes were so beautiful, I thought 'I'll never be able to play lead guitar - never be able to do that'... (the music) all cascades down, goes quiet and he plays these few, plaintive little notes and I thought, 'well maybe I can't do his fancy stuff but I can play those few notes' and then you play a bit more and a bit more, and that's what got me going..."

Interview about songwriting with Ink Pantry Publishing.

posted 15 Feb 2016, 02:38 by Jonathan Tarplee

'...Music is pure emotional energy; to me it is not a thing or a product or a piece of art that represents feelings, music is the feelings, it is spirituality, it is the voice of the Cosmos'. 

Read the whole interview with Jonathan HERE

Extended radio interview & live performance (2nd hour).

posted 8 Apr 2015, 12:22 by Jonathan Tarplee   [ updated 8 Apr 2015, 12:25 ]

Jonathan was guest on Paul Boniface's Easy Like Sunday Morning Show on Redshift Radio
In this extended interview, they chat extensively about music, and Jonathan plays some acoustic tracks live in the studio. 
'I tend to write songs on a battered old nylon-stringed classical guitar like this and then I go out and play on electric guitars and different things so I thought, for my solo gigs, why not play them on classical guitar as well 'cos I do like that sort of soft sound you get...'

Album Review in Bliss Aquamarine - Attachment Theories

posted 13 Mar 2015, 06:18 by Jonathan Tarplee

 The '...powerful, passionate vocal style is a perfect match for the songs' strong melodies'. Read more at 

Album review in The Musician Magazine; Attachment Theories

posted 14 Dec 2014, 10:39 by Jonathan Tarplee

'Cheshire-based Jonathan hits a home run from the opening bars, dipping into a bag of idiosyncratic yet highly articulate lyrics and marrying these with welcoming guitar melodies. Here he offers us a mini album of grace and wit'. The Musician magazine.

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