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Review of A Minute in the Sun by The Musician Magazine

posted 3 Apr 2021, 08:21 by Jonathan Tarplee

Popular band prepare to release EP.

posted 4 Feb 2021, 10:24 by Jonathan Tarplee   [ updated 4 Feb 2021, 10:33 ]

Review of 'Kitchen Sessions' in The Musician magazine.

posted 17 Apr 2019, 07:12 by Jonathan Tarplee   [ updated 20 Apr 2019, 11:36 ]

The Musician, Spring Edition 2019;
'A fine set from the four-piece, with oddball lyrics belying a knack for hooks. The band really takes off when locked into a groove, as on the joyous opener,'Toast The Night'.

'Kitchen Sessions' review in Here Comes The Flood

posted 9 Mar 2019, 08:51 by Jonathan Tarplee   [ updated 16 Dec 2020, 00:51 ]

Eccentric, funny, tongue-in-cheek vaudevillian garage rock. with enough musical references to keep the music geeks at bay, like the Take Me To The River bit in Spiral Dive. Singer Jonathan Tarplee is an old fashioned balladeer turned indie rock musician, but the band's secret weapon is Emma Alcock with her uncanny knack for syncopation on both accordion and keyboards give the music an off-kilter quality that make the songs jump..

Band release kitchen-made album in brewery.

posted 1 Mar 2019, 05:16 by Jonathan Tarplee   [ updated 16 Dec 2020, 00:47 ]

The Cat radio station releases details of the brand new album by The Blue Yellows, Kitchen Sessions.
"Lead singer/guitarist Jonathan Tarplee says that "releasing an album is a key moment in the life of a band, and we're proud of this one, it's a snapshot of who we are and where we're at, musically, right now".

The BYs on their forthcoming album, Kitchen Sessions

posted 1 Mar 2019, 05:10 by Jonathan Tarplee   [ updated 16 Dec 2020, 00:48 ]

Interview and acoustic tracks played on Tim Lee's radio show, The Doorstep Mixtape. Listen again here:

Livestream Q&A on the new album, 'Kitchen Sessions'

posted 19 Feb 2019, 08:43 by Jonathan Tarplee   [ updated 19 Feb 2019, 08:43 ]

Live review by Marina is Red

posted 8 Apr 2018, 05:40 by Jonathan Tarplee   [ updated 16 Dec 2020, 00:51 ]

The Blue Yellows, live at Offbeat.  ..the whole Blue Yellows set is a perfect day out at the beach: With Morcheeba-esque keys provided by EmmaDave’s versatile rhythm section adjusting to the size of the venue (Does the full kit fit? No? Ok… Tonight it’s the Cajon) and Simon’s bass backing up the groove, his face forever smiling!! They take us for a coastal picnic. Smooth tranquilo guitar riffs that transport you to a cafe del mar combined with heavier chord sequences that build up, like the swell hitting the yellow sand. Blue skies above.   

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