"Eccentric, funny, tongue-in-cheek vaudevillian garage rock with enough musical references to keep the music geeks at bay" Here Comes The Flood. Buy brand new album Kitchen Sessions
 on limited edition CD, NOW!
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All original 2020 dates cancelled due to the Covid-19 crisis.

24th March 7pm - Jonathan Tarplee livestream on facebook.com/tarpleemusic 

The Blue Yellows are an original alternative rock band of both intensity and tenderness with influences ranging from folk to grunge. Kitchen Sessions represents their long-awaited 2nd album, this time focusing on live and session tracks recorded in a variety of locations often rehearsed and even mixed on one occasion in Keyboardist Em's kitchen. 
Following their well recieved EP All These Things Right Now described by Here Comes the Flood as 'quirky rock from the UK with powerful voice and good-time backing vocals' and Radicals Rising as being 'stamped with affection and originality', the very different feel of this album is much anticipated.
 Compared to artists as diverse at The Dandy Warhols, Neil Young's Crazy Horse, The The, The Cardigans and Low and more.

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What others say; "A pronounced but un-histrionic soulfulness.. commendably uninterested in fashion.. songs are passionate, humorous, communal sounding expressions, engaging" - Oliver Arditi. "These guys really do pack a punch" - Stoke Sounds. "Beautifully crafted songs with bite and edge"- Mind, Body & Bo
ogie festival. "Mesmerizing guitar skills" - WillsImmusic Blog. "Powerful lyrics and absorbing melodies" - Nigel Stonier, "Rare vocal tone" - Radicals Rising. "Powerful voice, good-time backing vocals" Here Comes The Flood. More in 'about us' & 'press reviews'.

                                                    Every note with passion.

Compared by others to... Jonathan Richman & The Modern Lovers, Bombay Bicycle Club, The Dandy Warhols, The The, Neil Young & Crazy Horse, Low, John Martyn.

Toast the Night.

                      Gigs (JT solo shows and full band shows); 

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Jonathan Tarplee-Guitar/Vocals

Emma Alcock- Keyboards/Accordion/Backing vocals

Simon Taylor- Bass

Dave Coomer - Drums/Backing vocals

Former band member; Hayley Worsdale- Drums/Backing vocals

Interestin' facts;

Jonathan lives on a boat, was a zoo-keeper at one time & also met the Dalai Lama unexpectedly.

Emma ran away to join the circus for a few years (no, really).

Simon's house is like a lab, he is working on perpetual motion & alchemy among other things.

Dave is officially described as a 'Ranger, author, druid & Rock God'.

Hayley ran a butterfly hospital as a child, and brought many of the critters "back to life".

L-R Em, Simon, Jonathan, Dave.

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